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Building Better Businesses

Building Better Businesses

Update: 2022-10-27


Game-changing ideas don't come along very often. But when they do, organizations need to develop them fast or risk missing out on the opportunity they present. But, very often, fintechs and other financial institutions don't have the time or resources to develop innovations when they present themselves, meaning opportunities go unrealized. So if organizations really want to bring in new capabilities they can't just leave it to chance and hope that someone else will develop breakthrough services or products for them - they need to do it themselves.

In this episode of Financial Futures, we'll learn about the inorganic business-building method fintechs and financial institutions are using to fold in new capabilities to their service offering. We'll discover how the venture studio technique is de-risking the startup model, allowing institutions to create new products and solutions and bring them to market while protecting their own resources and investment capital.

Join us, along with CEO of Shipyard Innovation, Ash Bhatia, and VP of Venture Studio Investments at FIS, James Clayton, as we find out why the venture studio model is a recipe for building successful businesses. And we'll learn about a real example of a startup currently going through the inorganic business-building method to find out what the process looks like from the inside

We'll also ask:

  • Why is creating businesses with the venture studio model less risky than investing in a startup?

  • What is the recipe for building better businesses?

  • How do you choose the right partner to build a business with?

  • What are the challenges associated with the venture studio model?

  • Who is using the venture studio model to create startups?

  • How do you choose an executive team to lead a new business? 









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Building Better Businesses

Building Better Businesses

FIS, Erin Dangler, Ash Bhatia, James Clayton