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Building a Business for (True) Freedom

Building a Business for (True) Freedom

Update: 2023-02-12


This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, host Olivia Radcliffe welcomes Kat Kuczynska, owner of the Lazy Profit Lab. Kat’s mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom - and true freedom. She believes that businesses should be built in a way that allows entrepreneurs to have the freedom to take time off, such as maternity leave, without having to worry about their finances. Kat has achieved this freedom herself and wants to use her experience to help others do the same.

The definition of “true freedom” can differ from person to person. Money can certainly help achieve a version of freedom, but it does not necessarily create happiness. During the episode, Kat shares her story of how she got to that point, starting with being diagnosed with late-stage cancer at age 26. She realized wanted more out of life than her corporate career, leading her to begin the path to true freedom.

In the episode, Kat shares the difficulty of making the decision to leave her job and pursue her won business, as well as how her life has been completely transformed now that she has a 15-month-old son.

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Building a Business for (True) Freedom

Building a Business for (True) Freedom

Olivia Radcliffe & Michelle Pontvert