DiscoverJumbleThinkBuilding a Niche Fitness Brand with David Tao
Building a Niche Fitness Brand with David Tao

Building a Niche Fitness Brand with David Tao

Update: 2020-04-29


It's said that 'content is king' but if your content doesn't reach the right people it is worthless. One of the struggles that many entrepreneurs face is building a brand that is broad and unfocused. The breakthrough for many individuals and companies come from fiding a niche and creating content for that audience. David Tao did just that by starting a media company to teach and report on the world of fitness and strength. BarBend has become the news, analysis, entertainment, and opinion platform for what’s relevant in strength-based competition and training. By finding their niche, BarBend has built a loyal and passionate community. In today's episode, David shares the BarBend Story, the power of content creation, finding your audience, covering sports while they are stopped due to Covid-19, turning passion into a business, and how the right partners can help fast track your business.

David Tao Founder and CEO of BarBend. He is a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient and has nearly a decade of experience building leading online brands.

One such site, BarBend, is a fitness and strength-sports news site, has over one million monthly visitors, and is the official media partner of USA Weightlifting, the sport's national governing body. BarBend has raised $825,000 in seed funding, on top of about $100,000 from the three founders. What most don't know? David doesn't stick exclusively with the fitness space as he also operates leading brands in fields ranging from furniture to security!

In addition to his work building online brands, David has been a writer for, as well as a contributor to, Slate, and numerous other outlets across the web and in print. He is also a voice actor, with a very engaging interview style that he brings to each show.

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Building a Niche Fitness Brand with David Tao

Building a Niche Fitness Brand with David Tao

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