DiscoverThe Shit No One Tells You About WritingBumper Edition March Bonus Episode
Bumper Edition March Bonus Episode

Bumper Edition March Bonus Episode

Update: 2023-03-27


In today's bumper Bonus Episode, Bianca chats with Amy Tector, author of three novels which have all been released in the last year, including Speak for the Dead, now available this month. They discuss finding and prioritizing writing time; rewarding ourselves for hitting our goals; working on Scrivener; respecting your work as a writer (and having others respect it); setting brain boundaries; how not writing can help your writing; how to get un-stuck when the words aren’t coming; and the importance of accountability.

After which Carly and CeCe take your questions, discussing submitting parts of a WIP to journals; finding an editor; Goodreads reviews for comps; how much to share about one's career goals in a query; having a novel concept that is very similar to something that is already a bestseller; social media when querying; writing characters involved in well known institutions; advances for debuts; and deciding on the 'right' POV.

Bianca then chats with Jennie Nash, CEO of Author Accelerator, about wise investments in the writing process; writing goals and the “getting picked” skills; the core reasons why people write; the Blueprint Method; when to get a book coach; how to find the right book coach; and book coach fees and options.

Finally, Bianca chats with Emilie Sommer from East City Book Shop as Emilie gives comps recommendations.

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Bumper Edition March Bonus Episode

Bumper Edition March Bonus Episode

Bianca Marais, Carly Watters and CeCe Lyra