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Bundyville Revealed

Bundyville Revealed

Update: 2019-08-106


**A bombing in rural Nevada you’ve probably never heard of. A plot to blow up a government building.  Reveal teams up with the podcast series, Bundyville, produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting and Longreads, to see what happened to rancher Cliven Bundy’s supporters since his original armed standoff with the government.

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interesting epi, although towwards the end when interviewing the redneck, Reveal loses some credibility with me. Granted this redneck, Keabler I think his name is, does go too far on the Muslims taking over our schools conspiracy, it is in fact something that is happening and I've witnessed it first hand. When looking at thebexyreme side of Islam, certain tactics rely on the long game. My sister in Law went through this with her daughter. One day her daughter came home from school asking her mom to help on her history homework. So as she was helping and going through her book she noticed a lot of inaccuracies, most continents and countries were renamed with Muslim in from of their names, reciting the Muslim prayer excepting Islam was in the book and many other instances that were not true and pitting Islam as the victors and in the right. She decided to look into it and they tried to get her to stop bit she didn't and took it further and was able to get on the school board that decides what books are taught in her child's district. Come to find out the publisher of this history book is a Muslim family owned business that pushed the Islam narrative very heavily. Thankfully she was able to get that book not only taken out of her kids school district but was able to get that and many other books published by this company out of school curriculum.

Aug 12th
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Bundyville Revealed

Bundyville Revealed

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