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Burnout, Tired or Lazy

Burnout, Tired or Lazy

Update: 2020-09-14


Too often as women, we place ourselves in impossible positions - and feel that we can 'do it all'. Until we can't. 

My guest this week is Kathleen Fair who helps women in leadership identify and overcome burnout - their own, and that of their teams. She also assesses teams and leaders for the potential for burnout and provides programs that include strategies to prevent it from happening.

Unfortunately, when we are in leadership positions we feel that we need to carry the weight of everyone, and if we don't have the right support in the organization, or the culture doesn't have the necessary focus on soft skills as well as strategy and operations, it can lead to overwhelm and ultimately burnout.

In this episode, we discuss some the misconceptions of burnout and the steps we can personally take to support ourselves

  • How do women in leadership let themselves get to the point of burnout?

  • Isn't it about building resilience and creating balance?

  • How do we know if we're burnt out?

  •  Is burnout just about stress at work?

  •  Is it really that bad?  Can't you just take a really good holiday and come back energized and refreshed?

  • 3 things to understand in your journey to thriving: the importance of creating and maintaining boundaries, having accountability for yourself, as well as those on your team, and ensuring habitual self-care practices

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Burnout, Tired or Lazy

Burnout, Tired or Lazy

Clarissa Kristjanssson