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Business Credit Cards For Beginners

Business Credit Cards For Beginners

Update: 2020-11-06


Here is everything you need to know about business credit cards in order to take full advantage of business credit in 2020. In this business credit cards for beginners video, I'll be sharing the 6 things you must know before applying for a business credit card Enjoy!

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Business credit cards are kinda complicated... From the rules around who can get them, to how they impact your credit score, to how to get a higher limit on them there’s a lot to know.

And business cards are not something to ignore. The unique perks that business cards can end up scoring your business interest-free loans, building your business’s credit, and my personal favorite, scoring you a ton of free travel.

By the time this video is over, you’ll know exactly how to take full advantage of business cards and have actionable strategies you can use to maximize the perks they have to offer.

Plus: if you stick around until the end I’m going to show you a major mistake that most people make that prevents their business from building credit!

In order to explain business credit cards simply, there are 6 key questions that need to be answered.

#1 - Who can apply for business credit cards?

#2 - How is your personal credit impacted by business credit cards?

#3 - How are credit limits determined for business credit cards?

#4 - Do I need to sign a personal guarantee for my business credit card?

#5 - How do I separate my expenses on a business credit card?

#6 - Do I have the same protections with business credit cards?

During this video, we'll be answering these business credit card questions, as well as walking you through how to open a credit file for your business. unlike your personal credit report, you need to manually open a credit report for your business. This is an often overlooked step and will actually prevent your business from building credit even if you have business credit cards.

So sit back, relax, and let's dive into how to get business credit cards for beginners!


0:00 INTRO

1:00 Who Can Get A Business Credit Card?

1:53 Business Credit Cards Impacting Personal Credit

4:27 Business Credit Card Credit Limits

6:15 Personal Guarantees For Business Credit Cards

7:44 Personal vs. Business Expenses

10:32 Protections For Business Credit Cards

12:15 Opening A Business Credit File

14:13 Outro









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Business Credit Cards For Beginners

Business Credit Cards For Beginners

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