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Business Ethics with Scott Stratten

Business Ethics with Scott Stratten

Update: 2022-02-02


No one enjoys being on the receiving end of a business that manipulates or pushes you into buying something. Good business is about relationships where you are authentic, engaged, and building trust. Today’s guest is Scott Stratten. Scott is an author, podcast host, and an award winning keynote speaker. He is known for his energy, passion, knowledge, humor, and his man bun. His live and virtual presentations bring UnMarketing to life, energizing attendees, and creating experiences audiences will remember and learn from.

Show Notes:

  • [1:30 ] - Scott’s inspiration for starting UnMarketing was frustration. He explains his background and how he moved forward into entrepreneurship.
  • [3:58 ] - In business, Scott saw the “buy or bye” mentality and believes there’s a better way.
  • [5:27 ] - It isn’t about tactics. Strategies don’t take into account the human factor.
  • [6:53 ] - “I’m going to say what I think and I’m going to say it without a filter.” A lot of people are afraid of this for polarizing the market.
  • [8:13 ] - Scott shares the story behind the domain name for UnMarketing.
  • [11:01 ] - The kindness of the person who originally owned the domain name believed in Scott’s brand.
  • [13:04 ] - Many companies continue to manipulate people to buy.
  • [14:04 ] - In marketing, if you lie, nobody knows.
  • [15:49 ] - Scott shares the story of catching a company in a lie.
  • [18:32 ] - The internet can’t work in a way without trust.
  • [20:09 ] - In over 300 episodes across six years on the Unpodcast, Scott has never run out of material.
  • [23:31 ] - Business decisions must be ethical and Scott calls people out for unethical decisions in their business.
  • [26:31 ] - If you have the endless pursuit of more, you don’t appreciate what you have now.
  • [29:38 ] - Scott has been presented with many opportunities but he couldn’t serve too many audiences well and authentically.
  • [33:39 ] - There is a difference between what is legal and what is right.
  • [36:13 ] - A lot of companies believe they own their employees. Employees are an asset, not overhead.
  • [37:18 ] - Scott shares the story of an experience when consulting and a technique called Stop, Start, Continue.
  • [42:04 ] - After 20 years in this field, Scott continues to be shocked that people don’t realize how they are supposed to treat others.
  • [45:01 ] - Scott recently revamped the UnMarketing website to better show what it is about and to ensure that it is presented authentically.
  • [46:29 ] - A newer phenomenon in business is that younger generations are coming in with better skills in tech.
  • [48:31 ] - Be wary of those who say something isn’t working anymore because they are likely selling an alternative.
  • [49:27 ] - Scott personally responds to newsletter email responses and you can sign up for his email newsletters from

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Business Ethics with Scott Stratten

Business Ethics with Scott Stratten

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