DiscoverButterfly Effect the Podcast with Ash NewloveEp. 4: Ask Me Anything! w/ Jill Duncombe
Ep. 4: Ask Me Anything! w/ Jill Duncombe

Ep. 4: Ask Me Anything! w/ Jill Duncombe

Update: 2018-07-24


In this episode of the podcast we let YOU, the listeners, ask the questions! Guest host, Jill Duncombe, creator of the website came on to read me all the questions you guys. Jill listens and blogs about hundreds of different podcasts from health and fitness to blogging, wedding planning to sci-fi, so you have recommendations on the best of the best and don’t have to waste your time weeding through the duds. I thought this was just the most brilliant idea because I have spent so much time searching for the perfect listen which can be super annoying if you’re going for a walk in -40, and start listening to one that is not captivating at all.. Which I actually know from experience!

Fitness and nutrition coach, Ashlyn Newlove, is passionate about helping people have fun, keep fit and reach their goals while they’re at it with her online program, The Sweat Effect. She will be bringing on new guest hosts each episode to put her under the microscope, bring topics to the podcast that interest them and ask her the burning questions they’ve been dying to know. They’ll be tackling everything from fitness, business, nutrition, life, ice cream cones and everything in between to help inspire people to make on change that causes their ripple effect.

As always you can find all of my insights and experiences on my Instagram page. Check out for my daily dose of goodness on there and possibly have your question for me featured on an upcoming episode. Until next time keep on havin’ fun and keepin’ fit.
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Ep. 4: Ask Me Anything! w/ Jill Duncombe

Ep. 4: Ask Me Anything! w/ Jill Duncombe

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