DiscoverDirt Bike Channel PodcastBuying Used Vs Buying A New Dirt Bike - Episode 60
Buying Used Vs Buying A New Dirt Bike - Episode 60

Buying Used Vs Buying A New Dirt Bike - Episode 60

Update: 2020-08-062


Still have to pay tax on the bike either way.

New bike

You pay a lot for the bike up front.  - Boo! 

MUCH easier to find what you want when it’s new.  Dealers have them all over.  Might need to drive a couple of hours though. 

You know everything that has happened with the bike.  Not inheriting someone else problems.  

Some bikes do have a 30 day warrantee.  If something goes wrong, a good dealer will back it up.  If you find a great dealer, they  will back it up even with no warrantee from the manufacturer.  

Easier to install protective items when new.  Bent parts are hard to work with sometimes.  

They lose the most amount of money in that first year or so.  Just know that going into this. 

1-3 year old bikes sell for more money used, Recoup that money and put it toward the next bike. 

Say you spent 10 Grand on the bike and rode it for 2 years and sold for $7500.  If you had saved $105 each month to your new bike fund, you have the money you need for the next new bike.  A new bike every 2 years is really nice. 

Used bike

You pay less for the bike up front - Yah! 

BUT you enlisted yourself in a part time job to find it. 

  •     20-80 hours searching on craigslist or other classified.. days after day… week after week…. Month after month. 
  • 3-12 hours driving around looking at bikes 
  • In the end, you buy a bike you are not totally sacrificed with only because of the time commitment you already used.  Buyers fatigue sets in! 
  • It’s a choice… do you want to pay the money up front, or earn it over a month or 3? 

Awkward negotiations  

The buyer will try to get his money out of all the aftermarket parts he put on the bike.  They don’t matter much in price, so do pay him for them.  (Honda accord example) 

At after you ride the used bike for 2-3 years, it hasn’t depreciated as much as the new bike, but it’s no spring chicken either.  Sometimes these bikes can sell quickly, but you are dealing with a younger crowd and a lot of tire kickers, that don’t really have the money.  They will want to organize a lot of trades.

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Buying Used Vs Buying A New Dirt Bike - Episode 60

Buying Used Vs Buying A New Dirt Bike - Episode 60

Kyle Brothersen