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CAPTURED: Bay Area Predator

CAPTURED: Bay Area Predator

Update: 2021-01-18111


When Michaela Garecht was abducted in 1988, no one was prepared for the heartbreaking investigation to drag on for over 30 years. But just when the case seems to be ice-cold forever, police make a stunning announcement. 

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J Curtis

How do fingerprints indicate he kidnapped a kid? his MO was murdering adult women, there's no knowing if the person that took the scooter is also the kidnapper. if you see 2 scooters unattended outside, you know how many people touch or steel things that aren't theirs? it would be nice for closure but this wouldn't give me confidence that it was him

Mar 2nd

Brandy E

This case is shocking! so happy that her family finally knows and the killer has not been walking free.

Jan 25th

Amy Keoghan

slow down!why are you ina rush,stop 😒

Jan 25th
Reply (1)

Amy Keoghan

what the hell! why are u rushing!crazy

Jan 23rd


Why cant the ADULTS stop criticizing others for doing something for themselves ?......If it is not hurting or threatening you in any way, why are YOU-the ADULT, mocking them ?

Jan 21st
Reply (1)

Maria Poehls

I lived in the bay area at the time. This one I will never forget

Jan 20th
Reply (2)

Timothy Drummond

Damn. That last post from the mom had me tearing up

Jan 19th
Reply (1)

Jocelyn Allan

The script was all written and they were an hour away from recording??? So all that mock-surprise and dumb questions of Britt"s, are SCRIPTED hahaha!!!! I wonder what these scripts look like, on paper! Britt (soundinh shocked) : blah blah blah etc

Jan 18th
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CAPTURED: Bay Area Predator

CAPTURED: Bay Area Predator