DiscoverCoffee Break GermanCBG 1:08 | More directions
CBG 1:08 | More directions

CBG 1:08 | More directions

Update: 2013-03-2021


In this week’s episode of Coffee Break German we’ll be building on what we learned last week to help us talk about the town. We’ll learn some more complex directions and learn some aspects of German cases in our Grammar Guru section. In this lesson you’ll be learning to talk about places in the town and to ask for directions. You’ll learn:

  • the German words for some more places in the town;
  • to understand the words for “straight on”, “right” and “left”;
  • more complex directions;
  • the basics of cases in German;
  • the definite articles of masculine, feminine and neuter nouns in the accusative case.

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CBG 1:08 | More directions

CBG 1:08 | More directions