DiscoverCoffee Break SpanishCBS 1.17 | Ordering food in a restaurant
CBS 1.17 | Ordering food in a restaurant

CBS 1.17 | Ordering food in a restaurant

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In this week’s lesson you’ll learn useful words and phrases for a visit to a restaurant. Please note that lesson 17 of Season 1 was originally known as lesson 117 of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons 1-40 to make things more simple for our listeners.

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Zeynab Mohammadkhani

🔸️situation= la situación 👩🏽tiene una mesa para dos?por favor?! a)no lo siento, ⚠️i don't understand what he said⚠️ maby he said ( emos terado)!! b) a ver! estamos llenos, no tenemos mesas.= we are full, we don't have any tables. we have to wait= hay que esperar! how much time do yo have to wait?= Quantos/tas hay que esperar! we have to celebrate= hay que festejar. can you bring us... ?= puedes nostraer... can you bring us highchair for baby?= puedes nostraer una sillaita para el bebé? para mi, quiero, quisiera= for me, i want, i would like what's in this dish?= que lleva este plato what are eating? qué están comiendo? what are you eating?= qué estás comiendo? i am eating meat= estoy comiendo carne what do you recomend to me?= qué me recomienda?

May 15th

Zeynab Mohammadkhani

i am hungry= yo tengo hambre. 👨 hay un restaurante por aquí? 👩🏽 sí, hay un restaurante cerca de aquí. do you have any brothers or sisters?= tienes hermanos? a table= la mesa fomador= smoker no fomador= non smoker for how many people?= para Quantos/tas personas/os? for four persons?= para quatro personas? 👨buenas tardes! 👩🏽buenas tardes! tiene una mesa para dos?por favor?! 👨sí, un momento! fomadors o no fomadors? 👩🏽 no fomadors. 👨sí, por aquí=this way or over this here.

May 15th








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CBS 1.17 | Ordering food in a restaurant

CBS 1.17 | Ordering food in a restaurant