DiscoverCave Crew RadioCCR 2020 Live Im at about 5% of my smell
CCR 2020 Live Im at about 5% of my smell

CCR 2020 Live Im at about 5% of my smell

Update: 2020-05-23


After a long break. Big B and DK are joined by Choo Choo Stu in the cave. We have a lot to catch up with Stu, so buckle up. You never know how this is going to turn out.
Stu is broadcasting live from his backyard long cabin. It appears he is peeing on his wives Busy Lizzies. We propose an experiment. Pee on one bush and only water the other, and lets keep track if the urine will kill it or help it grow.
With all the quarantine getting to everyone, it seems like Stu has a new house guest. How long will this guest be staying?
Last we talked to Stu, he was returning to drive the trains. What were the ghost trains like.
In what is sure to be the main event of the show. Stu decided to go get a Covid Test. After only mild symptoms he explains his sense of smell just isn't what it used to be. 5% has a matter of fact. He goes to an aquatic center run by the military. There is an awkward young girl , a blue tooth soldier, and a broken cotton swab involved. Big B and DK are just trying to make sense of all this.
Stu proclaims that the next thing he wants to do, is back up the whole family and his house guest to be tested for the anti bodies. Will Stu and his family save the world. We cant wait to hear the results of this one.
We get an update on the allotment during these strange times and the distribution of the black stuff.
Finally we have a new video feature at our disposal. This week we go to Florida for a paint fight at a Home Depot.
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CCR 2020 Live Im at about 5% of my smell

CCR 2020 Live Im at about 5% of my smell