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CCR 2020 Live Lane Splitting LA

CCR 2020 Live Lane Splitting LA

Update: 2020-06-27


Big B and DK are back and this is. Well lets say an interesting episode. Jeff Gross the Hollywood sound guy was scheduled to appear on the show to have a left vs right debate with Big B. Jeff first appeared on the show in 2016 on episode titled The sound guy and the bot fly. Jeff was riding his motor cycle through the hills of Southern California during the show and did not arrive in time. So we have footage and audio with Jeff has he is riding through California. Thats a first for us. We learn all about lane splitting and we get a breath taking demonstration. Jeff will be back for the original topic sometime soon.
Also on the show
An update on Choo Choo Stu's sense of smell
With things opening up, what is summer vacation looking like this year.
We weigh in on the state of sports.
A listener in the audience from Michigan wants to be a guest on the show.
All this and so much more has our Endless Summer Beach Party officially kicks off.
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CCR 2020 Live Lane Splitting LA

CCR 2020 Live Lane Splitting LA