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CCR 2020 Live Shamus the Bee

CCR 2020 Live Shamus the Bee

Update: 2020-06-20


Big B and DK are back in the cave for a brand new edition of Cave Crew Radio. This week we talk about some brand changes that are happening with Uncle Bens and Aunt Jamima, on top of that we consider that the far left is trying to erase history, and edge closer to communism.
We have a new segment this week. Big B, this is your life. We will bring up a subject and Big B will discuss this in detail. Over the next several episodes, we will get a deeper look into the character of Big B and what has shaped him. If you enjoyed the wonderful life of Choo Choo Stu, this segment is for you, as we get to know one of the crews founding members. This week see what memories arrive from cooking with Alex. The rise and fall of All Radio X.
Also this week, DK has brought the news
The popular soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful is bringing in sex dolls for there romance scenes. Are sex dolls the answer for rescuing the soaps in these perilous times.
A man is packed up and ready to defend the peace at a rally in Wisconsin. Enter the Riot control bees, the adventure begins.
Also in New York they have recommendations for safer sex during the pandemic. We present to you the evolution of the glory hole.
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Our first endless summer beach party starts next week with a special returning guest. Stay tuned!








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CCR 2020 Live Shamus the Bee

CCR 2020 Live Shamus the Bee