DiscoverCave Crew RadioCCR Episode 250 The Secretary of vice
CCR Episode 250 The Secretary of vice

CCR Episode 250 The Secretary of vice

Update: 2020-11-07


We planned our episode 250 to be a big one, and it did not disappoint. Disgusted by the state of the election in the United States, Sir Big B has decided to end this once and for all. Big B who is the Duke of Pee seeing over Urine Stench Alley, he has been knighted by the queen of England. Tonight Big B proclaims that he is in fact the 46th president of the United States. That someone with vision and common sense will reign supreme over the greatest country of them all See below for his complete cabinet.
Also up this week. Choo Choo Stu the new Secretary of the vice, returns to the show. He tells us about cousin Ralph the European truck driver slut. He also tells of an in-law in Finland whom he communicated with in a secret language. UNTO is all they would say.
Also this week
A police officer dies after trying to break up a rooster fight.
Woman impersonates a prosecutor to get off of charges.
Woman in Japan holds funerals for sex dolls.
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Below is the cabinet that President B has chosen
VP - Choo Choo Stu
Press Secretary - DK
Sec of State - Matt Vanderpool
Sec of Defense/Homeland Security - Mike Jolitz
Sec of Housing & Urban Development - Bill from Calgary
Sec of Commerce - Jason Scott
Sec of Labor - Raymond the Amish Comic
Sec of Agriculture - One Tooth Jim
Sec of Transportation - Erik the Swede
Sec of Heath & Human Services - Christina Martinez from Dickies BBQ
Sec of Interior - Amanda Desrosiers
Sec of Education - Eric Drakes
Sec of Energy - Scott Morris








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CCR Episode 250 The Secretary of vice

CCR Episode 250 The Secretary of vice