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CCR Season 5 I have not raped

CCR Season 5 I have not raped

Update: 2019-04-13


How do we get even crazier then we already are. How about a special Friday night show. Big B has mailed us a present, Choo Choo Stu has received his in England. But DK's arrived has an empty envelope. Yet another scandal! Who stole DK's present. This year at the allotment we are growing Big B;s Beets and DK's Jerkin Gherkins. Anyway we digress. Here is what we have on this weeks show.
There is now a condom that takes 4 hands to open. That is leading the way for the no means no movement.
We have located a couple of churches. The first is removing sexual demons from the members. The second is a pastor that says all sodomites will get cancer and have flames shooting out their butt hole. We have audio of both.
This week in Florida, we have 4 stories. First up 3 women air drying at rest stop take cops on high speed chase. Next a man is accused of shop lifting days after buying 8 million dollar island. Then Florida man dies after winning roach eating contest, and finally a man is charged after being charged for the murder of his girlfriend by choking her during oral sex.
Wait there is more. Toddler locks mothers I phone for 45 years, and your google home device is listening in on you.
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CCR Season 5 I have not raped

CCR Season 5 I have not raped