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CCR Season 7 A Blue Mountain Sex Doll

CCR Season 7 A Blue Mountain Sex Doll

Update: 2021-05-08


We are back live in the cave, and this week our live video worked flawless, well kind of. Big B kicks off has the epicenter of all things Calculus. He had a big exam and gives us a quick lesson. DK has finally received his first vaccination in Canada, but everyone has to wonder will he ever get the second one.
It appears Big B is drinking straight out of the bottle, is the live video making him nervous? Its DK's wife's birthday, so DK plays a rendition of the woman who drove into the water while singing.
Its time for a Big B news editorial. This week Big B announces that inter gender sports will be coming to the Olympics. This quickly turns into what gender is superior.
We have a great audience this week, with a few surprises. The Man of 1000 voices, Matt Vanderpool makes an appearance. We sure hope that he comes back live soon. DK's wife is in chat, then she joins DK in the studio. Will she steal the show?
This week on the Book of Choo Choo Stu we have the first time he called into the show live from 2015. He was under a bridge at 3am.
The Endless Summer Beach Party is set to return. This is our annual special summer series, filled with fun segments, guests and special themed shows. Would you like to join our line up this year? Great! Email us at
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CCR Season 7 A Blue Mountain Sex Doll

CCR Season 7 A Blue Mountain Sex Doll