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CCR Season 7 A Halloween replay

CCR Season 7 A Halloween replay

Update: 2020-10-31


DK and Boardo the Tic Tok star host this years Halloween special. The live show was unable to take place. This years show is in memory of Jerry one of DK's dogs.
So lets get spooky lets join the crew. Happy Halloween.
Welcome to our Halloween special. On this weeks show:
A new continent that is mostly under water was discovered. It is called Zealandia. DK has suggested that the citizens of Urine Stench Alley need a kingdom of their own. Big B has proclaimed this new land Stenchlandia! Listen in has we make our plans with our friends at the allotment and the gypsies.
Choo Choo Stu does not answer his door on Halloween.
A new study is claiming the world is going to end by 2050. We debate these latest claims of climate change.
Epstein, the Trump impeachment and brexit are disussed.
Mike Jolitz is providing us with this weeks news.
Also......A man attempts to make love to a pile of leaves and the aubergine and the peach emojis have been banned by Facebook and Instagram. It appears they are used for sexual solicitation. Choo Choo Stu explains all of this to us.
Cave Crew Radio is live every Thursday at 8pm eastern on Raw Talk online and Facebook Live. We are in syndication on Radio Haver in Scotland and Cave Crew TV on YouTube. Next weeks show is on Tuesday for a special Guy Fawkes day edition!








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CCR Season 7 A Halloween replay

CCR Season 7 A Halloween replay