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CCR Season 7 Ass grapes

CCR Season 7 Ass grapes

Update: 2021-02-20


This weeks show is a little bit of a mash up. Choo Choo Stu, DK and Big B are all in studio. We begin by learning that Big B and DK are sick of the cold and snow. Then we find out that Stu will be the first to get the vaccine this coming week. Then we decide to analyze our healthy or not so healthy life styles. Choo Choo has been leading the way with his strict diet and exercising, while Big B and DK have made some changes but still are enjoying their regular routines. A listener asks why we only do one show a week, and we start to reminisce about some of the classics. Check out Choo Choo Mania, and the life and times of Choo Choo Stu to get yourself started, on this walk down memory lane.
Then DK brings us into the history of butt plugs. Did you know they were once used to treat headaches and insomnia? Learn about Dr Youngs rectal dilators.
Don't leave us yet though. Stu thinks they were made to treat Farmer Giles....meaning piles or hemorrhoids.
So this is when things go off the rail. Farmer Giles is from a secret English language called cockney rhyming slang.
And then the show falls apart.
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CCR Season 7 Ass grapes

CCR Season 7 Ass grapes