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CCR Season 7 Its undead tennis

CCR Season 7 Its undead tennis

Update: 2021-04-10


DK and Big B are back in the cave, as Choo Choo Stu is a no show. Probably taking a nap. Despite messing up all our plans, we have a great evening of conversation, catching up. Big B is claiming to be the epicenter of all things barbeque, but DK wonders if he is the epicenter of all things moving to Kentucky. It appears that DK was having a conversation with someone in the chat about bloating.
While talking about moving. DK states he wants to retire in Arizona and play Pickle Ball. This takes Big B off guard and a whole conversation commences. Tonight you will learn the rules, culture and DK's planned global dominance.
Its a bitter sweet time has Prince Phillip has passed. But we must congratulate Jason for being the first winner of, who is going to die this year. While on that topic we wonder if Prince Harry and that ditch pig duchess will show up. Big B thinks she will take any chance to steal the lime light.
We have a birthday to celebrate this week. So virtually we wish Amanda a happy birthday!
A new member in our Facebook group introduces us to vagina wigs, yes thats right.
Finally DK tells a horrifying story of his son. Peeling the skin off the Kentucky Fried Chicken and throwing it in the garbage. Then telling him he is not feeling the gravy tonight.
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Next week we hope to have the return of Choo Choo Stu!








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CCR Season 7 Its undead tennis

CCR Season 7 Its undead tennis