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CCR Season 7 Yay fish scarfs

CCR Season 7 Yay fish scarfs

Update: 2021-02-13


Its our Valentines in lockdown show and the return of Choo Choo Stu. It seems Big B is still playing around with that laptop, and DK is excited that we finally hit 100 subscribers on YouTube. Choo Choo Stu relives some Valentines memories, about a bed and breakfast where everything is pink and a swinging stranger.
First up is a question Big B has about a photo from one of our listeners on Facebook. It appears he was mad at the delivery driver did not walk in the house to deliver his package. DK admits its a little strange, no one leaves their door open for strangers.
Next is a warning received on a post from April of 2020. Will the Cave Crew Group be shut down forever?
Also on tap this week
Apparently vagina scented face masks are a thing. I think we opened up a can of worms here.
Not just one Gorilla glue story from us but 2! Yes we cover the girl who glued her hair using Gorilla glue has hair spray. But also we cover the guy, that was sure if he glued a red solo cup to his lip, he could just lick it off.
Did you watch the Super Bowl? Here is our favorite spot, the streakier!
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CCR Season 7 Yay fish scarfs

CCR Season 7 Yay fish scarfs