DiscoverYou Talk It. We Live It.COVID -19: Perspectives from Barbados. #12
COVID -19: Perspectives from Barbados. #12

COVID -19: Perspectives from Barbados. #12

Update: 2020-11-30


You Talk It. We Live It host River Scholl talks with Journalist and Broadcaster Ryan Broome about COVID-19's impact on the Caribbean island of Barbados and the nation's efforts to combat the pandemic.

Here are five interesting facts about Barbados:

  1. The name Barbados was chosen by a Portuguese explorer called Pedro a Campos. When he landed in Barbados, the island was covered in fig trees which have a beard like appearance and hence named the island "Los Barbados" which means The Bearded One!
  2. 32% of the country is agricultural land and the island was once covered in dense rainforest. Some of which can still be found in parishes located in the centre of the island.  
  3. Barbados was a British Colony for over 300 years and gained its independence in 1966. In 2021, the country plans to sever all remaining ties with Britain to become a full fledged republic!
  4. Barbados has over 3000 hours of sunshine each year. The hottest month recorded was in April and the coolest in January.
  5. In 2016, the World Economic Forum ranked Barbados' educational system 9th best in the world. 

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COVID -19: Perspectives from Barbados. #12

COVID -19: Perspectives from Barbados. #12

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