DiscoverWorkin' it Out PodcastCOVID-19 and Worker’s Mental Health, Pt. 2
COVID-19 and Worker’s Mental Health, Pt. 2

COVID-19 and Worker’s Mental Health, Pt. 2

Update: 2022-05-20


Claudine Miles, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Restore More joins Dr. Vanessa Weaver to speak about the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of working parents across the United States. She and Dr. Weaver also talk about how the pandemic has negatively affected the mental health of children, especially teenagers, and how it affects their parents.

In this Episode

·      An introduction to Claudine Miles’ work in mental health and trauma-informed care, especially among children and working parents during the COVID-19 pandemic

·      The changes to parents’ personal lives because of the pandemic, and how they have had to take on more responsibilities regarding their children’s mental health, thus causing parents to become extremely stressed

·      An increase in mental health challenges in children because of pandemic-related isolation and lack of connectedness, including increased diagnoses of depression and suicidal ideation among children, and how parents are struggling to address these issues

·      The stigma of mental health issues in the workplace – especially for working parents – and among older generations, in addition to helping working parents obtain adequate mental health resources for their children and the parents themselves

·      How workplaces can better support the mental health of working parents, including creating spaces to openly have conversations about mental health, and implementing different methods, techniques, and programs to address issues surrounding mental health


·      Claudine Miles

·      Restore More

·      Dr. Vanessa Weaver

·      Alignment Strategies

·      Rose, Bud, and Thorn exercise

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COVID-19 and Worker’s Mental Health, Pt. 2

COVID-19 and Worker’s Mental Health, Pt. 2

Vanessa J. Weaver, PhD