DiscoverYoung Smart MoneyCaleb Boxx: $100,000 Per Month With YouTube Cash Cow Channels
Caleb Boxx: $100,000 Per Month With YouTube Cash Cow Channels

Caleb Boxx: $100,000 Per Month With YouTube Cash Cow Channels

Update: 2020-11-05


Caleb Boxx is an expert at YouTube automation and scaling cash cow YouTube channels. Today we are sitting down with Caleb to learn how he scaled his YouTube channels to $100,000 per month and how to make money on YouTube for beginners.

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Over the last 4 years, Caleb Boxx has been building YouTube channels and perfecting the process of YouTube automation. Today he runs a massive YouTube business and oversees over 100 freelancers and content creators that pump out YouTube content across dozens of channels.

In our conversation, we discuss how Caleb got started in building YouTube channels and how relationships with famous YouTubers like MrBeast and Preston allowed him to rapidly scale his operations.

The interview is action-focused and Caleb provides viewers will action steps that they can take in order to get started with YouTube automation. Caleb breaks down exactly how to come up with YouTube content ideas, how to pick a niche on YouTube, and how to make money on YouTube by taking advantage of the YouTube algorithm.

There is a ton of valuable YouTube growth content here for creators large and small. We dive into the differences between compilation YouTube channels (which still work) and the "safer" option that Caleb is spending more of his time focusing on. Additionally, Caleb breaks down step-by-step how to get started on YouTube for beginners.

Caleb also dives deep into his process for fully automating all of his channels by hiring freelancers and how he has been able to scale many of these channels to 7 figures.

If you have been thinking about getting into YouTube automation or building cash cow YouTube channels, you'll want to listen up to this conversation with YouTube expert Caleb Boxx.



0:00 Intro To Caleb Boxx

1:45 How Caleb Got Started On YouTube

5:40 Scaling With Freelancers

7:00 How Caleb Blew Up On YouTube

8:30 Do Compilation Channels Still Work?

9:45 Copyright Rules For Cash Cow YouTube Channels

13:35 Catching Trends on YouTube

16:00 Picking Your Niche

17:30 Breaking Down A Successful YouTube Video

19:50 Growing A New Channel From $0 - $7k Per Month

23:20 How Often To Post On YouTube

24:50 The Secret To Viral Video Ideas

25:50 The First Step For YouTube Beginners

28:50 Most Common YouTube Mistakes

30:15 Buying YouTube Channels vs. Building From Scratch

33:20 When To Start A Second YouTube Channel

34:55 Closing Thoughts









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Caleb Boxx: $100,000 Per Month With YouTube Cash Cow Channels

Caleb Boxx: $100,000 Per Month With YouTube Cash Cow Channels

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