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Caleb O’Dowd – Copywriter

Caleb O’Dowd – Copywriter

Update: 2019-04-19





Caleb O’Dowd

Caleb O’Dowd is a copyrighter. He and his brother John run the company Caleb grew up in Ireland and at 16 dropped out of school and became a carpenter. How does someone go from being a carpenter to an expert in copywriting and direct selling? Through fearlessness and persistence Caleb became a protege of Gary Halbert. For years they worked together on marketing campaigns. Caleb talks about his journey to copywriting and entrepreneurship, the fundamentals of selling and the impact of the changing state of media.

  • Getting into training horses as a teenager (01:26 )

  • Leaving school at 16 and what led to him turning things around (03:10 )

  • Going from carpentry to copywriting (08:22 )

  • What copyrighting is and how Caleb found his mentor (11:50 )

  • Annoying Gary Helbert until he agreed to work with him(16:10 )

  • The experience of learning with Gary Halbert (21:48 )

  • That understanding the fundamentals of how to sell is untransferable to all the different channels and platforms (28:08 )

  • The uniqueness of selling through newspaper ads (30:24 )

  • Some of the notable newspaper ads Gary did (32:24 )

  • The art of selling and persuasion (33:34 )

  • Finding the problem your product will solve (36:41 )

  • The changing state of media (39:01 )

  • That the fundamentals of selling work across all media (42:09 )

  • Moving from writing to being a teacher and his teaching philosophy and approach (44:22 )

Institute of Entrepreneurship 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

Tony Robbins 

Brian Tracy 

Manifest Your Destiny: The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want by Wayne W Dyer 

Gary Halbert 









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Caleb O’Dowd – Copywriter

Caleb O’Dowd – Copywriter

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