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Call Center Scams with Ben Taylor

Call Center Scams with Ben Taylor

Update: 2022-01-12


Very few people fall for the Nigerian prince scam these days because it has been so well exposed. However, devious criminals keep looking for new ways to package their deception so it goes undetected. Today’s guest is Ben Taylor. Ben is the creator of the popular YouTube channel Pleasant Green. His videos exposing various internet scams have been watched tens of millions of times. His goal is to help get scammers out of their current role not only by exposing the scam but by helping some of them find ways of providing for their families without cheating people. 

Show Notes:

  • [0:50 ] - Welcome to the show, Ben! He shares what he does through YouTube and his work to educate people.
  • [1:50 ] - Scam baiting is when you seek out scammers to waste their time.
  • [3:32 ] - Romance scams are extremely common right now.
  • [4:40 ] - Tech support and Amazon refund scams are also common.
  • [6:12 ] - The elderly are often targets, but people can also fall victim to a scam when they’re distracted.
  • [7:42 ] - A lot of time scammers will ask you to verify your name or address. You should ask them to verify it.
  • [9:01 ] - Scammers typically use a script and if you get them off their game, they will move on.
  • [10:11 ] - There are countless call centers across the world.
  • [11:09 ] - Ben has interacted with scammers. Some realize they’re doing something hurtful, but some justify it or think they deserve it more.
  • [13:18 ] - Through his YouTube channel, Ben explains that if scammers are so clever and smart to scam people, they can use the internet for good work.
  • [14:54 ] - Ben also looks into product purchasing scams.
  • [15:56 ] - Facebook doesn’t crack down on product accuracy of ads.
  • [18:02 ] - When shopping online, especially from sites that are not as popular or credible, use PayPal as they have some security built in.
  • [20:00 ] - Reviews are important to look at closely.
  • [22:06 ] - Ben shares some interactions he’s had with scammers and how he has asked them for help.
  • [23:24 ] - On YouTube, Ben has hired some scammers he’s spoken with to help them realize that there are more honest ways to make money.
  • [26:03 ] - Using the story of Joel who he helped develop a photography skill, Ben helps people flip the script and help their community.

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Call Center Scams with Ben Taylor

Call Center Scams with Ben Taylor

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