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Calm Before The Storm With LZZY HALE From HALESTORM

Calm Before The Storm With LZZY HALE From HALESTORM

Update: 2022-11-17


Hard rock outfit Halestorm are riding high on the universal success of their latest album Back From The Dead, a vicious slab of rock/metal that served to solidify Halestorm's ever growing presence on the global music scene.
Spawned two decades ago by a mutual love of music between siblings Lzzy and Arejay Hale, Halestorm have earnt themselves Grammy nominations and traversed the globe, building a reputation as a formidable live outfit and powerful sonic force.
With Halestorm heading back to Australia early in 2023 for a run of shows with Theory, vocalist Lzzy Hale sat down with HEAVY to discuss the rise and rise of the band.
"We haven't seen you guys for so long," she almost apologised, "and it's well overdue. We've been talking (laughs) about if rock show was a verb, you guys in Australia rock show very well. You know how to properly rock show (laughs). I feel like everything that comes before you is just a warm up for the craziness that I know will ensue."
"We're so excited that instead of us fully preparing for winter time in Europe we've been talking about what we're going to wear in Australia," she continued, laughing. "It's gonna be a time. There's something that always happens every time we come over there. Either we wander off and meet a bunch of locals and party until 6 am, or we just end up hanging out with a motley crew of some of our rock friends. There's something` always happens, so we're looking forward to saying yes to adventure."
When we press Lzzy on what things Halestorm have planned for Australian audiences she flashes that winning smile once more.
"So many delightful things," she teased. "Obviously we're gonna have to debut some of these new songs off the new album for the first time in Oz, so we're gonna be doing that. We plug in, we play, it's a rock show. We're gonna be switching our set up every night to make sure we give everybody everything that they possibly need, but I also have heard from a bunch of our super fans that they're gonna be coming to multiple shows so we'll keep it interesting for them."
In the full interview, Lzzy reveals why they chose Theory as touring partners, tells us some funny stories about time on the road with them, the subject matters raised on Back From The Dead, the response to that album, the early days of Halestorm, being in a band with her brother, the reality of life as a rock star compared to the childhood dream, a message for fans and more.








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Calm Before The Storm With LZZY HALE From HALESTORM

Calm Before The Storm With LZZY HALE From HALESTORM

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