Can Dairy Affect Your Hormones?

Can Dairy Affect Your Hormones?

Update: 2020-07-111


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In this podcast, we’re going to talk about dairy products and hormones. Is dairy bad? Can dairy affect the hormones?

Well, milk is designed to feed a growing calf, and it’s loaded with different types of hormones. The two main hormones in dairy are estrogen and IGF. 

The different types of estrogen in milk as well as the IGF, are growth hormones which target the:

 • Prostate

 • Breast

 • Uterus

 • Ovary

The fattier the dairy, the more hormones it has. I’m not against dairy, but some people are already estrogen dominant or have a hormone imbalance. People with these types of issues should stay away from dairy products for a while.

Hormones in dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt) can affect the body. To minimize the damage:

 • Go for organic dairy

 • Go for grass-fed dairy

You can also consume cruciferous vegetables to give you an antiestrogenic effect. You may want to try giving up all dairy products for one week to help determine if you’re sensitive to dairy or not.

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Can Dairy Affect Your Hormones?

Can Dairy Affect Your Hormones?

Dr. Eric Berg