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Can I Admit My Quiet Time Isn't Cutting It?

Can I Admit My Quiet Time Isn't Cutting It?

Update: 2020-09-157


When life's seasons change or we are walking through a time of transition, it's easy for our relationship with God to feel dry — or maybe just plain hard. But what if our time with God actually has less to do with quieting everything around us, and instead has everything to do with making an appointment to quiet things within us? On this episode of the podcast, Shae Tate, special projects content manager for Lysa TerKeurst, walks through scriptures throughout the Bible that show us what pursuing God looks like in different seasons. We hope this episode gives you a new perspective to help you walk through that dry place and meet with the Lord in a fresh, new way.

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Can I Admit My Quiet Time Isn't Cutting It?

Can I Admit My Quiet Time Isn't Cutting It?

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