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Can You Really Live a Balanced Life?

Can You Really Live a Balanced Life?

Update: 2021-05-25


It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is selling eBooks and classes on how to live a "balanced life." But is true balance even attainable?

In this day and age, finding time to do everything can be quite stressful. Between working, keeping your house tidy, raising your children (if you have them), taking care of yourself, and keeping a semblance of a social life, you can quickly find yourself on the road to burnout.

Everyone is talking about keeping a work-life balance, about taking time for yourself, but what does that mean? And is it really that realistic?

This is exactly what Richard and I discuss in this week's episode (plus, I also tell you about the Lifestyle Dashboard, a powerful new tool I designed and revealed at the first ever Design Your Best Life event), so tune in now to learn more!


Key Points Discussed

- Why Natasha doesn't like the life wheel (01:52 )

- Presenting The Lifestyle Dashboard (03:34 )

- The importance of celebrating your wins (09:02 )

- It all depends on your situation (14:41 )

- We have a surprise for you! (18:22 )

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Can You Really Live a Balanced Life?

Can You Really Live a Balanced Life?

Richard Hazlett, Natasha Hazlett