DiscoverWireframeCan an app actually help you relax?
Can an app actually help you relax?

Can an app actually help you relax?

Update: 2020-09-072


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A third of America's population struggles to sleep through the night. For many of us, stress and anxiety play a big role in that. Some designers believe they can help us tackle these problems and calm our minds. The sleep-aid market is a multi-billion dollar industry, so it's no wonder companies are trying to design solutions for us. But can apps and gadgets designed to help us sleep, and keep us calm, really help? Or are they just a kind of digital snake oil?

In this episode: 

Wireframe producer Miriam Johnson talks to host Khoi Vinh about her own struggles with insomnia. 

Jon Delman is a Creative Director who just can't fall asleep. 

Iain McConchie, VP of Design at Headspace, talks to us about how Headspace is helping users calm down, manage stress, and sleep better. 

Ania Wysocka is a designer who made Rootd, an app for anxiety, after her own struggles with it. 

Lucas Guarneri is a designer working on sleep trackers at Withings. He believes sleep trackers can change a person's life. 

Dr. Kristyna Hartse, sleep doctor with the Sun City Sleep Center, is cautious when it comes to how much apps can really do for sleep disorders. 

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Can an app actually help you relax?

Can an app actually help you relax?

Kristyna Hartse, Iain McConchie, Khoi Vinh, Jon Delman, Miriam Johnson, Lucas Guarneri, Ania Wysocka