DiscoverWell BalancedCan music help you focus?
Can music help you focus?

Can music help you focus?

Update: 2023-04-10


As coaches, Ofosu and Leah are well-versed in meditation for focus and have an impressive list of other tips to help themselves focus. So they compare notes, as well as talk about how meditation music can be a useful tool to deepen concentration. They also celebrate the launch of Flow State, the Balance app's first meditation music track clinically proven to increase focus, by talking with Adam Hewett, the founder of Evoked Response.

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📣 Update on our show: We’re moving to a new release schedule. So from now on, we'll release new episodes every other Monday. Our next full episode will be out on April 24.

📚 About Adam Hewett: Adam is the founder and team leader of Evoked Response, and a pioneer in the neuroscience of music. You can learn more about his work and Evoked Response here:

🎧 What's in this episode:

  • (00:00 ) A sneak peek of Flow State, new science-backed meditation music for focus in the Balance app

  • (00:47 ) Why is it so hard to focus?

  • (02:52 ) What helps Ofosu get focused

  • (03:43 ) Leah's hack to make tasks more interesting

  • (06:39 ) Juggling parenthood, partnership, and other obligations

  • (07:39 ) Challenges to our ability to focus

  • (09:32 ) How meditation music can help us focus

  • (10:22 ) Adam Hewett on Flow State

  • (12:03 ) The clinical studies (and results) on Flow State

  • (13:09 ) Meditation for focus and how mindfulness can improve focus

🧘 About Balance: Well Balanced is co-hosted by Ofosu and Leah, Balance’s Co-Heads of Meditation. Balance is a highly personalized meditation and sleep app that's been named Google's App of the Year and Apple's App of the Day. Completely free for the entire first year, Balance is helping 5 million+ people around the world improve their stress, sleep, focus, and mood. Unlock your free year of Balance today by downloading it from the App Store or Play Store:

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Can music help you focus?

Can music help you focus?