DiscoverKids LawCan you really become a criminal at 10?
Can you really become a criminal at 10?

Can you really become a criminal at 10?

Update: 2021-02-11


In our third episode, Alma-Constance tells Lucinda that she was shocked to find out that when she turns 10 years old, she reaches the age of criminal responsibility.  
Alma talks to Max Hill QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions who is the head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the organisation which decides whether to prosecute a person after considering the evidence given to them by the police.  

Max describes what happens if the police need to investigate a situation where a child does something that is very seriously wrong and what happens if the child does need to go to court. Alma-Constance and Max discuss why some children end up committing crimes and the best ways of helping children keep out of trouble and avoiding being influenced and exploited by older people.

Max tells Alma -Constance that when he was 10 years old he enjoyed playing with his younger brother, and when grew up he decided he wanted to work in the law to help people get justice for things that have gone wrong. He thinks that everyone should understand more about the laws that affect them. 

You can read more about the Crown Prosecution Service and Max Hill QC’s work as the Director of Public Prosecutions .

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Can you really become a criminal at 10?

Can you really become a criminal at 10?

Alma-Constance Denis-Smith and Lucinda Acland