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Cancer-Free with Food - 073

Cancer-Free with Food - 073

Update: 2019-04-0913


Cancer will affect one in two men and one in three women, and the number of new cases of cancer is set to nearly double by the year 2015. While that sounds hopeless, there’s actually a lot you can do to empower yourself against the growing disease.

Despite the topic, today’s episode is actually quite fun. We’ll also discuss some really easy and delicious substitutions and small lifestyle changes we can make to give our bodies the nutrients it needs while keeping them healthy and free of toxins.

Our guest today is Liana Werner-Gray. She's an author and health and nutrition coach. After healing herself of many negative health conditions, including a stage one golf ball sized tumor and an unhealthy relationship with junk food, Liana created The Earth Diet blog or she committed to eating only foods, straight from nature for 365 days. The concept of went viral. Now she travels the world teaching about nutrition. She's written two worldwide bestsellers.

We will learn:
* Our alternative options for healing.
* The top toxic foods to avoid and the top healing foods
* How to cultivate a food upgrades mindset

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Comments (2)

Anne Bivalent

I can't handle the antivax stuff. Eat better be healthier that makes sense but it's not going to protect you from measels. She even says she doesn't know how they work. Stay in your lane lady.

Jul 3rd

Christie Rosso

I really enjoyed this podcast. I purchased two of her books and am excited to learn more about how food can change my life. I'll also be sharing my copy of Cancer Free with Food with a few of my loved ones who are currently struggling with cancer. Thank you for opening my eyes to the importance of good foods!

Jun 6th








Cancer-Free with Food - 073

Cancer-Free with Food - 073

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