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Care Partners Advocating for Themselves

Care Partners Advocating for Themselves

Update: 2021-05-12


This episode of When Life Gives You Parkinson’s is all about care partners and caregivers advocating for themselves. We take our jobs very seriously and often put caring for ourselves last on our lists. Our lives and well-beings are affected on nearly every level by our Person with Parkinson’s condition, and we have our own needs, yet we still are often considered predominantly in relationship to them. How do we as care partners, caregivers and Partners in Parkinson’s advocate for equal consideration in and out of our relationships? How do we make sure we have what we need to take care of ourselves, not to mention the time and space to do it? How do we learn to consistently consider our own well-being first?

Rebecca takes the lead this episode and talks to three wise and wonderful care partners. First, she speaks frankly about the challenges and lessons that Cherryl Choi and Sheryl Hague have learned as they navigate their life as care partners, mothers and humans. Then she speaks to Leslie Davidson, an award-winning writer and Person with Parkinson’s who also was a care partner and caregiver to her late husband Lincoln, who had Lewy Body Dementia. She tells us what she’s learned by being on both sides of the experience and the role her writing plays in her own advocacy. And, of course, Rebecca and Larry talk about how they move through these waters in their relationship.

U-Turn Parkinson’s is Sheryl and Tim Hague’s wellness center in Winnipeg.

Find out more about all that Cherryl and Jimmy Choi do at a

Writer Leslie Davidson’s website.

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Care Partners Advocating for Themselves

Care Partners Advocating for Themselves