DiscoverCasefile True CrimeCase 122: Leeann Lapham
Case 122: Leeann Lapham

Case 122: Leeann Lapham

Update: 2019-08-24129


Casefile would like to thank The Queensland Police Homicide Investigation Unit, The White Ribbon Foundation, and the family of Leeann Lapham for their assistance and support in creating this episode and highlighting the issues raised...

Episode researched by Anonymous Host and Elsha McGill with assistance from the Queensland Police Homicide Investigation Unit 
Episode written by Elsha McGill
Creative Director: Milly Raso

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Comments (17)

Victoria Hughes

Casrbox says that to episode cannot be finished because the source link is broken. I had to go to the website to finish it.

Nov 22nd
Reply (1)

Foxxy Ladyy

I hope the family prevent him from being part of the kids life forever

Nov 11th
Reply (1)

German tank

First, thank you for another great episode! Your takes after the episode are very much appreciated. This kind of thing makes a change! Greetings from Sweden.

Oct 10th

Simon Folkard

What a disgrace for a sentence,utterly disgusting excuse for a human.

Sep 16th


that's crazy he could possibly just serve 4 years... the child is to be raised by the man who killed his son. How is this okay? He clearly had been abusing her for years. This is a joke.

Sep 12th

Kate Claringbould

thankyou so much for this episode

Sep 5th

Chevy Dyall

he said he wouldn't be a man if he couldn't get that house but he handed in his mancard as soon as he thought about abusing his girlfriend. it takes a man to confront it too. if I knew of one if mates doing this to his partner id like to think I would be first to confront him

Aug 27th

Michelle Connelly Lovitte

breaks my heart

Aug 26th


9 years for killing someone whether you intended to or not? And I thought the legal system in the United States was a joke at times. SMH

Aug 26th

M. Tariq javeed Rajputking


Aug 25th

mia norris

this episode was very close to home for me. kerry's words at the end were harrowing and full of so much pain. I've been in Leeann's situation, i was lucky to escape alive but i know how hard that escape is. too many women have lost their lives this year already. stop this violent cycle, women matter, children matter and men matter. every single one of us needs to recognise that and speak out. respect, love, empathy and integrity. thankyou casey for presenting this important episode

Aug 24th
Reply (3)

Ashley Collins

I'm so glad there is a new episode for this 8 hour workday!

Aug 24th
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Case 122: Leeann Lapham

Case 122: Leeann Lapham

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