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Case 123: Mark Kilroy

Case 123: Mark Kilroy

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21-year-old University of Texas student Mark Kilroy was excited about Spring Break. 1989 had been a busy year for the pre-med student and he was looking forward to some downtime before taking his upcoming Medical College Admission Test...

Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host
Episode researched by Erin Munro 
Episode written by Elsha McGill and Milly Raso
Creative Director: Milly Raso

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Comments (16)

Maurin Phillips

Mark had been a student at a high school close to mine and being this happened close to Texas, it stunned so many of our surrounding communities. spring break was never the same for us.

Mar 9th

Lin Harbourne

So heartbreaking. I could not stop thinking about for a long time after......

Jan 7th

Sheena Logaeth

I love that this is obviously what Nicholas Winding Refn based his Amazon series Too Old To Die Young off of. I'm so upset that Amazon didn't renew the series. Always great to see what he is inspired by. Tanks for including this in Casefile. X

Dec 13th

Amanda Williams

comic look about murder? disrespectful and trashy.

Sep 19th

Katie Saarikko

I tried to listen to Morbid but it felt so wrong to listen to them giggling through the GSK case after hearing how it affected the victims in Man in the Window.

Sep 16th

V was here

Oh my goodness, this one was hard to get through. I remember when this happened, and living in South Texas, I always thought I'd read that he was blindfolded and killed before he knew what hit him, but not so. Unbelievable, the horrors he endured. But what a legacy, and how many more locals would have soon died without his involvement. He saved (at least) dozens more men,women and children. Wow, really well done, smart, excellent narrative. Casefile is the bomb.

Sep 11th
Reply (1)


This was one of the hardest episodes to listen to...

Sep 9th

Just a fan

I remember this case very clearly. It was horrific. Unbelievable.

Sep 7th

mia norris

am i first to hear this...besides patreons of course? i lurve Saturday nights in. thanks Casey McCasefile xo

Sep 7th
Reply (6)
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Case 123: Mark Kilroy

Case 123: Mark Kilroy

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