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Case 143: Leigh Leigh

Case 143: Leigh Leigh

Update: 2020-04-25109


At 7:00 pm, Robyn dropped her daughter Leigh off at Roberto’s Pizza Bar, where she had planned to meet her fellow party-going friends...

Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host
Researched and written by Eileen Ormsby
Creative Director: Milly Raso

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Comments (63)


yeah Australia sounds like a GREAT place. pieces of shit boys and their parents

Aug 30th

Kevin Dew

such a sad story, but laughed out loud at the pronunciation of Cher.

Jun 17th

Edie Thomas

Great, the women are scared and the men cover up for each other. The men in this town sound like POS, no honor, no accountability, no integrity. Who raises people like this?

Jun 15th

Julie Hayward

The poor little thing 💔

May 30th

Jocelyn Allan

Slut-shaming at it's most disgusting apex. While most of the civilized world knows better and this kind of behaviour hasn't been around in many years, good old Australia is still a Lad's paradise where Sheila's aren't worth respect and exist only for their amusement, abuse and derision. And the provincial, tiny mentalities of their so called civilization, sustains and rewards this good old boy mentality. ugh. Pigs, lowlifes, crackers and inbred imbecils

May 20th

Amy Correctrix

This made me angrier than usual. There will always be a random psychopath who goes out killing, but WTF is up with this community where the **consensus** is that if you're an attractive girl you deserve rape, and if you get raped, you deserve to be publicly humiliated & beaten to death?

May 20th


Couldn’t listen any further than 32 minutes... The most abhorrent case I’ve ever heard. What an absolutely disgusting ‘community’. I am particularly shocked by the actions of other parents! I hope the perpetrators are reminded of what they did and what the took away from an innocent young girl every minute of every day for their whole lives.

May 18th

Jessica Girl

those backwards animals should be ASHAMED!!!!

May 13th

Emma Basra

Hearing how Leigh's family were treated is awful, I can't believe the poor girl was blamed in any way for what happened to her. There is no way someone's outfit is ever, ever, EVER an invitation for someone to rape or hurt them.

May 13th

Foxxy Ladyy

Everyone in this case is disgusting.

May 8th

CR Saltmarsh

such a sad and frustrating case. can't believe how the grieving family were treated .

May 3rd

Katie the Book and Yarn Dragon

This one made me so angry. Thanks for covering the story, brutal as it was to listen to. Some stories shouldn't be allowed to fade quietly into obscurity.

May 2nd

Michael Yaussi

One if the hardest episodes to listen to for me, such torture on one person. Evil town. Thank you for telling her story. Poor girl. R.I.P.

May 2nd


This is absolutely disgusting. What on earth is wrong with these people? What is wrong with their parents? How can anyone cover this up? I hope all these people rot. #awfulpeople #horribleparents

May 1st

Kate Elizabeth Maria Barclay

The hardest true crime podcast I've listened to because of the way she was treated on the night she died and how she was villified after. The attitude of many members of the town after her death is abhorrent. It is a difficult listen.

May 1st

Cristina Corales

Leigh Leigh has been done too many times.

Apr 30th
Reply (3)


people are horrid! omg. that poor young girl. unbelievable.

Apr 29th

Melissa Green

This is a horrific story and I listen to a lot of true crime stories. So so sad. Such young men and women with no respect for each other. It was the 80s and hopefully attitudes have changed. Doesn't justify the loss of a young girl's life though..I wonder what on earth the parents did at home for these kids to learn such behaviour. Boredom doesn't justify it.

Apr 28th

Bec G

This is so sickening. I found it really hard to listen to the sick behaviour of the youth and the town people. I hope they are forever haunted by Leigh's spirit.

Apr 28th
Reply (3)


The callous attitude of some of these townspeople boggle my mind. Would they feel the same if it were their daughter?

Apr 27th
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Case 143: Leigh Leigh

Case 143: Leigh Leigh

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