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Case 148: The Miyazawa Family

Case 148: The Miyazawa Family

Update: 2020-07-0493


On the morning of Sunday, December 31 2001, Haruko tried to phone her daughter, as she did most mornings, but the call wouldn’t go through. By 10:00 am, Haruko still hadn’t seen or heard from Yasuko or the rest of the family and she began to worry...

Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host
Researched by Holly Boyd
Written by Elsha McGill
Creative Director: Milly Raso

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Comments (21)

Christian Menard

i smell a japanese government cover upp

Sep 6th

Cikgu Tan

I don't always listen to podcast but yours is so engrossing and vivid. Very good podcast. Will listen toore soon.

Aug 2nd

Steve Dronzewski

You could tell that this was going to be an unsolved episode when more than halfway through there was no strong suspect and there was just a sense that this was an unsolved case like back in the day when you knew a tv show was going to be a two parter when there was only 10 minutes left and you knew there was no way to tie up the story in that little time.

Jul 21st

Megan Aguiar

I've tried many times to listen to this podcast. The narrator's voice tho, I can't!. So blah. He's just reading a story instead of actually getting into it. very boring podcast!

Jul 19th

M. Glibbery

It is extremely annoying to get to the end of yet another episode to find out it is a cold case. I am not interested in cold cases, and suspect many listeners feel the same. The introduction should state when a cold case is involved. Personally I am going to drop Casefile to avoid wasting 60+ minutes of my time again.

Jul 17th
Reply (1)

Jeremiah C.

Semi-spoiler Alert Before You read on........ I had a feeling this was going to be a cold case after hearing all the stuff the suspect left behind and how brazen the suspect was to chill and take his time(eating their food and using bathroom not even flushing!), it's as though whatever criminal entity this was, they could care less knowing they'd never get caught or felt untouchable. That one Author near the end had some points that seemed plausible...Sad. anyways, not a fan of cold cases.

Jul 15th

Tom Grosvenor

another cold case...

Jul 6th


this is one of my favourite mysteries of all time. it's so creepy man. something about it being set in peaceful japan makes it even creeper, too. the thought of an unknown person stalking around their house and slaughtering the whole family only to stay in the house for hours and then vanish into the night, never to be found out. insane!

Jul 5th
Reply (1)


A classic murder story, which is quite well known . I have a feeling that increasingly, Casefile is focusing more on unsolved crimes. They are interesting, but leave a sense of void after the show ends.

Jul 5th
Reply (5)

Chris Rodgers

Great episode but I think that in the "Summary Section" there should be an actual summary of the episode and not just the first few lines of the script.

Jul 4th
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Case 148: The Miyazawa Family

Case 148: The Miyazawa Family

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