DiscoverCasefile True CrimeCase 154: Steven Stayner
Case 154: Steven Stayner

Case 154: Steven Stayner

Update: 2020-08-29112


Monday, December 4 was a regular day in the Stayner household. After breakfast, Kay inspected her four eldest children to make sure they were presentable for school, while the youngest Cory wasn’t yet old enough to attend.

Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host
Researched by Jessica Forsayeth
Written by Elsha McGill
Creative Director: Milly Raso

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Comments (37)

Samp 75

This story always makes me sad - that ugly human affected so many lives, Steven and Timmy, survived and suffered against adult misdeeds.

Sep 14th


What a terribly sad ending for those boys. Will now head off and search up the brother!

Sep 9th

Bec G

so glad Steven is alive but so sad what happened to him

Sep 6th

The Everyday Bombshell

Enough with Parnell's supporters. Are they idiots or suffering from traumatic brain injury? What do you mean you can't believe he would do that? what for the proof do you need than the fact that the kid was in his possession and he was claiming he was his when he clearly wasn't. Why can't we all agree to get our head out of our asses and when faced with the facts that we've been fooled by someone just say: whoa good one you got me, now off to jail with you? Why continue to show what an idiot you are by supporting someone who's so clearly guilty?!

Sep 2nd

Edie Thomas

Absolutely tragic what this family has had to endure. You have to wonder if the kidnapping of Steven lead to the future behavior of his older brother Cary, maybe lack of attention from his mother? I could psychoanalyze that for months! My heart goes out out to all the victims in this family and of this family.

Sep 1st

Jamie Sinclair

yes next episode should be about brother Cary Stayner. Truly tragic horrific family

Sep 1st

Christian Menard

wow crazy story!! best podcast guys! this hits home big time. I grew up in Sacramento and have a cabin in Mendocino.. We visit all these areas often... Im sadly not surprised nobody ever noticed him in those rural areas....

Aug 31st


Casefile is awesome!

Aug 30th
Reply (1)

Michael Yaussi

wow, unfriggin believable

Aug 30th

Katie the Book and Yarn Dragon

Good new episode. I've heard of this case but you guys handled this really well.

Aug 29th

Evan Ferris

stevens brother Cary was also a serial killer that murdered 4 women. i assume/hope the next episode will cover this.

Aug 29th
Reply (22)

Kelly Austin

I've heard this story alot but never heard about the cop pushing Steven into the room with parnell after identifying him... there's no way any cop would think that would be an acceptable thing to do to a witness let alone a kidnapping victim! what a horrible thing to do to a traumatised kid, not to mention stupid cos he could of freaked out and gone back on his i.d, then there goes their case. stupid cop

Aug 29th
Reply (2)
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Case 154: Steven Stayner

Case 154: Steven Stayner

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