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Case 155: Danniella Vian

Case 155: Danniella Vian

Update: 2020-09-0593


By 4:00 pm, Julie still hadn’t heard from Danniella. She went over to her apartment, only to find the note the building manager had pinned to the front door was still there...

Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host
Written by Eileen Ormsby
Creative Director: Milly Raso

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Comments (14)

Adam Davis

(COPIED FROM REDDIT) I think that Denson White is a protected man. He messes up, its getting covered up. I researched his name in association with the company the case file mentioned he worked for. He was a much larger and more important businessman than the podcast led you to believe (at least to me). Some of what I found below adds to his case as a key player in Mobile and Alabama economy and international trade (aka a valued/protected man who assists in bringing in immense business to the city and state) -Casefile: “He worked for APM Terminals.. a busy dock where 1200 shipping containers went in and out on an average day... Denson was a deal maker, who had received many honors for the business he brought in to Mobile” -Post on Twitter from APM terminals, March 1, 2017, calling him the client services director talking about growth and opportunity for the US Golf coast - -Article listing Denson as the lead contact for a multimillion dollar business investment that would be economically beneficial to the town of Mobile; “ Mobile Container Terminal opened in September 2008 as the Port of Mobile's newest, state-of-the-art marine terminal. The Alabama State Port Authority and Mobile Container Terminal LLC jointly invested $300M in the new container terminal that expands capacity to 800,000 TEUs in the initial two phases of build out. Mobile Container Terminal LLC is a joint venture between APM Terminals North American, a subsidiary of Maersk Inc., and Terminal Link, a division of CMA CGM. Together Mobile Container Terminal will provide containerized cargo shippers with access to global networks covering all possible trade routes to and from the Port of Mobile. Mobile Container Terminal LLC operates the terminal.” -an article listing Denison as the director of the business and his involvement in a multimillion dollar project that would prove beneficial to the city and state as a whole “ The Port of Mobile and its attractiveness as a prime commercial gateway for Caribbean shippers took center stage during a statewide trade mission to the Dominican Republic concluding May 8. "As Alabama's port continues to grow and expand, there are various opportunities ahead for the state," Denson White, director of APM Terminals said in a prepared statement issued by the Alabama Department of Commerce.” -another article restating the importance of this port and Densons involvement “The Port of Mobile, Alabama’s only deepwater port, moves around 54 million tons of cargo per year. It's a key component of the state's logistics infrastructure.” “In addition, Denson White of APM Terminals will discuss the impact of Walmart’s $135 million import distribution center, which opened in Mobile in 2018. The 2.5 million-square-foot facility provides a major boost to the Port of Mobile and enhances Alabama’s global connections.“ I can do more digging later but it seems these things adds up to him being a pretty up there guy in terms of multi million dollar businesses and profit etc. He is valued and has connections. It would help explain a lot of the bizarre police-given explanations, oddities of this case and the things that just don’t make sense. The poor girl had been drinking and taking medication and it sounds like he took A vile advantage of the situation, and being who he was the city/ or state made it all go away.

Oct 10th
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lil john

I don’t get it..why would they call her phone, when they have her phone on

Oct 3rd

Foxxy Ladyy

The Bible Belt is full of rapists? How shocking.

Sep 15th

The Everyday Bombshell

We were stationed at Ft. Riley. It was indeed a craphole. You could either live in Junction City (Aja Junky City) or Manhattan (The Little Apple). I'm so glad we didn't have to raise our kids there.

Sep 14th

jess d

conservative is an understatement...and here people say blue states are crime ridden🙃🙃

Sep 11th
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Kristy Neary

Why isn't there any commentary on the voice recordings??

Sep 7th
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Sep 6th
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Christian Menard

This is sad to say but it really seems like an accident.. Being high on pills and tipsy is a perfect recipe for this situation.. Especially because she just bought her new car and was probably feeling "good" she most likely just wanted to go for a drive in it! like any person with a brand new car would want to do

Sep 5th
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Case 155: Danniella Vian

Case 155: Danniella Vian

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