DiscoverCasefile True CrimeCase 159: James Craig Anderson
Case 159: James Craig Anderson

Case 159: James Craig Anderson

Update: 2020-10-1069


In the early hours of Sunday, June 26 2011, James Anderson, who went by his middle name of Craig, found himself in a predicament – he had locked his keys inside his car...

Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host
Researched by Holly Boyd
Written by Elsha McGill
Creative Director: Milly Raso

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Comments (20)


God this was a brutal episode. The beginning was almost too much to get through, and I was so sure that even if the culprits were caught, their sentencing would so paltry it was insulting. I hope their monstrous actions haunt each and every one of these kids, if not in their conscience, then by being dogged by scorn, disgust, and condemnation until they die.

Oct 26th

Samp 75

The thing about Casefile, just when you slightly begin to doubt it... Just slightly.... It comes back with a hard hitter like this. So full of introspection and detail.

Oct 21st

Joseph Morrow


Oct 18th
Reply (1)

Simon Folkard

Vile racist bastards.

Oct 17th

The Everyday Bombshell

I can't even listen to this. WTF is wrong with people, and why do they think they can get away with this crap? Oh yeah...because their ancestors did and their parents pass the hate on. They are everything that's wrong with America.

Oct 12th

Kenny X

racist sure. but dont forget the part alcohol played in this equation.

Oct 11th
Reply (8)

mia norris

what a tool. clearly these boys were brought up by racist and ignorant parents. and the main reason for idiots like this doing what they do is because they feel threatened by the people they target. we are all people, doing the best we can with what we've been given. please be nice to each other

Oct 10th

Christian Menard

tons of advertisements on this one.........

Oct 10th
Reply (3)
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Case 159: James Craig Anderson

Case 159: James Craig Anderson

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