DiscoverCasefile True CrimeCase 175: Gail & Rick Brink
Case 175: Gail & Rick Brink

Case 175: Gail & Rick Brink

Update: 2021-05-1565


When newlyweds Gail and Rick Brink failed to show up to their respective jobs on the morning of November 23 1987, the alarm was immediately raised...


Narration – Anonymous Host
Research & writing – Erin Munro
Creative direction – Milly Raso
Production and music – Mike Migas

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Comments (16)


You know, I sometimes wonder, why in the hell did everyone wait 20 years to give those victims what they deserved....." the way, my memory has come back to me after 20 years....would you like to hear the truth ?"....Dah......And how could a woman bring children into that?.....for over 20 years letting a man like that get close to what you are to protect...STUPID BROAD(S).Thank You.

Jun 15th


Hey! Text me if you wanna fuck me..

May 24th


sometimes the sheer stupidity of the people involved makes me want to scream. miss Pam, if your scumbag trailer park boyfriend is telling you to say specific things to the police, in the US of A, for crying out loud, you just dial 9 1 1... easy as that. that irresponsible girlfriend should be in jail for a couple decades

May 18th

Kenny X

dayummm what a doozzyy

May 16th

Simon Folkard

Great episode, but horrifying and disturbing.

May 16th


Used to love Casefile podcast, but am becoming increasingly annoyed by the amount and length of ads in each one these days. It used to be none, then a minimal they are intrusive and irritating......there is no chance of me ever looking into anything advertised because they bug me so much. Understand sponsers are needed but why so many and why so long!!

May 15th
Reply (6)

Peter Chaloner

If obnoxious detail were removed from this narrative, the story could be told within 59 minutes. Fire the self-indulgent writer who permits himself-- as Herodotus does-- to go off on any excursus that takes his fancy. Employ a new writer who will stick to the main points of the story, write pithily, and thereby prevent audience ennui.

May 15th
Reply (2)


Ryan is a POS and there is a special place in Hell for him.

May 15th








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Case 175: Gail & Rick Brink

Case 175: Gail & Rick Brink

Casefile Presents