DiscoverCasefile True CrimeCase 176: Yingying Zhang
Case 176: Yingying Zhang

Case 176: Yingying Zhang

Update: 2021-05-2259


On June 9 2017, Yingying Zhang vanished on her way to an appointment in Urbana, Illinois. The Chinese visiting scholar missed her bus and after she failed to return to work that day, her colleagues quickly raised the alarm...


Narration – Anonymous Host
Research & writing – Erin Munro
Creative direction – Milly Raso
Production and music – Mike Migas

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The Everyday Bombshell

Id really love to beat the crap out of the to hold out on a jury. Why do we save the lives of such a worthless person? I also don't feel the least bit bad for his parents. You raised a monster and the rest of us, eff you about what you would feel... how do you think of parents feel knowing that her body in a garbage dump?! The Jungs continue to think about other people but the monster's selfish parents continue to think only about their son. the mother actually believes her son will one fay be released. Im warning ya'll, if it were my daughter al I would have spent every penny of that gofundme money and hiring a killer within the jail making sure the monster died after being tortured first.

Jun 6th


The lawyer who tried to blame bdsm as the reason the Murderer killed Yingying screams sliver hair middle aged white man, The reason the poor girl was murdered was because the killer was a self entitled a-hole

May 23rd
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Case 176: Yingying Zhang

Case 176: Yingying Zhang

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