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Case 179: Christie Marceau

Case 179: Christie Marceau

Update: 2021-06-1253


On the morning of September 6 2011, Auckland teenager Christie Marceau was woken by a troubling phone call. On the other line was an acquaintance...


Narration – Anonymous Host

Research & writing – Erin Munro

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Production and music – Mike Migas

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Comments (23)

Elizabeth Lewis

This happened one suburb over from where I live. He has been seen out in the community at libraries, McDonald's, etc on supervised visits...only 6 years after Christie's murder! No justice for victims in New Zealand.

Jul 14th

The Everyday Bombshell

i guarantee you that had I been her mom, and had he told me "Im glad she is dead"...he would be in PIECES when the police came. In teeny, tiny pieces. I'd keep two little pieces...mail one to his mom (hey he was under her supervision, remember? She accepted that responsibility.) and keep another for myself as a reminder that I ended him. PS, I know I have issues. Its only a worry if you mess with me and mine. If you don't, you are perfectly safe.

Jun 16th


Work acquaintance calls your young female self and says he's got 40 pills into a drink he won't ingest IF you get to his place immediately. You: a) answer "cheers mate!" b) call emergency services c) call his immediate family/friends d) call his supervisor at work e) call the police f) (for FAIL) run to his house

Jun 13th
Reply (1)

Simon Folkard

The judge who allowed bail when such a dangerous threat still existed, should do prison time.

Jun 12th

Sarah Henderson

Who tf read his letter and didn't realise what a giant red flag that shit was? jfc

Jun 12th


This sweet girl is almost raped and still feels sorry for this scum! She wonders if she should have "let him stab her a little" to make him realize how wrong what he was doing was.... People, teach your daughters to be assertive!! For crap's sake, stop telling them they need to be nice all the time and stop being so terrified of being ""rude"". Their lives might depend on it.

Jun 12th
Reply (3)


There's an epidemic of male entitlement to women's affection and bodies that tends to end results in rape, stalking or murder when it isn't appeased, and I'm just so weary of it. At what point does it end? (And before someone "not all men"s me, I didn't say all men. And it's correct, look up how many women die at the hands of an angry man.) This poor girl got punished for having a good heart.

Jun 12th
Reply (4)

Marco Benjamin

The justice system often does a poor job of protecting female victims of domestic violence against perpetrators. This is another example of that.This is sad.

Jun 12th
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Case 179: Christie Marceau

Case 179: Christie Marceau

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