DiscoverCasefile True CrimeCase 189: JoAnne Chambers
Case 189: JoAnne Chambers

Case 189: JoAnne Chambers

Update: 2021-09-1839


When JoAnne Chambers was hired to teach at Coolbaugh Learning Centre in Pennsylvania she arrived with glowing reviews from her former school. So when an anonymous harasser began targeting the popular school teacher, she was left stunned...


Narration – Anonymous Host

Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Production and music – Mike Migas

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Mr Jube

I love casefiles stories, but this one is the worst. Usually the stories deal with a tragic crime, or a horrible event. I don't even know what crime occured in this podcast. I think someone smeared doooty on a chair and sat in it. I kept waiting for the story to take a bizarre turn but it never did, maybe that was the twist, there is no twist. I understand producing these podcasts is difficult and take a lot of resources to come out with the level of quality that is usually found with casefiles, but this episode seems as if someone wrote it after reading 1 article in a local, small town, newspaper. maybe it's just that I've become accustomed to Casefile's high quality podcasts and this one just falls short.

Sep 18th
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Case 189: JoAnne Chambers

Case 189: JoAnne Chambers

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