DiscoverCasefile True CrimeCase 198: Tami Reay
Case 198: Tami Reay

Case 198: Tami Reay

Update: 2021-11-2754


When Kmart employee Tami Reay failed to show up at work in Pierre, South Dakota on the morning of Wednesday, February 8 2006, her co-worker Brian Clark called the police to report her missing. Brian had reason to suspect that Tami might have fallen victim of foul play. He and Tami had been having an affair, and her husband had just found out.


Narration – Anonymous Host

Research & writing – Elsha McGill

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Production and music – Mike Migas

Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn

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Comments (15)

Sallyann Cossey

That twin brother is a complete idiot…

Dec 3rd

Trent Sawyer

Just FYI. it's pronounced "PEE - AIR'. Not 'pier' like a fishing pier. It's pretentious, but that's how we pronounce it. 😀

Nov 30th
Reply (5)


Twin brothers named Brad and Bret?! That's worse than Chelsea and Kelsey...

Nov 30th

The Everyday Bombshell

If I'd been on the jury, I would have laughed so long and so loud upon hearing the bullsh*t accusation Brad leveled against his daughter I would have been held in contempt of court. I'm sorry, it is just so ridiculous. What dipsh*t lawyer actually tried this? It is no laughing matter though. It's truly sad for that poor little girl... he took away her mother and then used her to try to get away with murder. Also, I think it is a shame that the twin brother didn't serve more time for his attempt to help blame someone else. Basically, Bret only wanted to testify against Brad to save his own's not because he finally learned his brother was guilty...he already knew that his brother was guilty when he helped write the letter accusing Bryan using evidence only the killer would know. In this case there's no good twin, evil twin. 🤔😜 Just "stupid evil" (Bret) and "evil personified" (Brad). After all you have to be evil personified to try to blame your own 13 year old daughter for your crime.

Nov 29th

Peter Chaloner

Preposterous for the narrator to say in episode 198 that being accompanied by a lawyer to one's first police interview signifies guilt. Au contraire. It signifies prudence, and adherence to the belief that one is innocent until proved guilty. Possibly the narrator will object-- That was not my, the narrator's view, but the view of the police. But the point was left unclear, which indicates careless scriptwriting.

Nov 28th
Reply (5)
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Case 198: Tami Reay

Case 198: Tami Reay

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