DiscoverCasefile True CrimeCase 209: Urban Höglin & Heidi Paakkonen
Case 209: Urban Höglin & Heidi Paakkonen

Case 209: Urban Höglin & Heidi Paakkonen

Update: 2022-04-3050


When Swedish backpackers Urban Höglin and Heidi Paakkonen go missing during a camping trip around New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula, concerns are quickly raised that the newly engaged couple could have fallen victim to foul play. Worries increase once it’s discovered that convicted killer, David Tamihere, was on the loose in the area at the time, having jumped bail on a rape charge.


Narration – Anonymous Host

Research & writing – Elsha McGill

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Production and music – Mike Migas

Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn

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Comments (8)

L Johnston

the way he says tamihere makes me want to punch baby otters

May 12th

Peter Chaloner

Listening to CASEFILE and Amber Heard's testimony in the Johnny Depp defamation trial on the same day, I note the same sequence of tenses errors. E.g. "We walk into the room. I sit down. He asked...." Is the Casefile writer 36 years old, as Amber is? Had English teaching-- especially as regards sequence of tenses-- totally collapsed by the time they went to school?

May 6th
Reply (4)

Fleetwood McDuecen25

So sad. Fascinating story though.

May 2nd

Rene Romero

The were both very young and full of life, so sad that this horrible thing happened to them , by the hands of that monster.

Apr 30th
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Case 209: Urban Höglin & Heidi Paakkonen

Case 209: Urban Höglin & Heidi Paakkonen

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